EZ-SMART 2.5D Video Measuring Software- Rational Vue
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EZ-SMART 2.5D Video Measuring Software-  Rational VueAll EZ-SMART 2.5 D VMM series combined with new integrated video measuring software Rational Vue. Rational Vue completely inherited CAD seamless connection, 100% graphical display, quick drag & drop operation, real-time CAD comparison, multiple picture reports, advanced algorithm etc. With a simple operation and powerful function as well as ensure advancement and reliability of algorithm, it widely applied in many industries, such as metals, tools, machining, precision manufacturing, automobile components, stamping, aviation work piece, plastic & rubber products, mobile phone industry, PCB board, electronic & semiconductor work piece, plate glass (touch screen & LED board), medical equipment, cutter etc.

Product Feature


Product Description

 l   Supports Win7 operating system
 l   Complete geometry measurement

[2D] point, line, circle, arc, curve, slot, plane, rectangle and ellipse

[3D] plane, sphere, cone, cylinder, ring and surface


  Complete graphic constructing function Rational Vue can complete array, middle, symmetry, mirror, bestfit, intersection, tangent, extreme and others
l   Finished ISO geometric tolerance measuring
       Including straightness, flatness, circularity, cylindricity, perpendicularity, angularity, parallelism,
      concertricity, position, point profile, curve profile, surface profile,circle runout, total runout etc

l   Adopts module design and drag & drop operation to improve efficiency

l   Based on CAD quick comparison
CAD completed comparison function of actual and nominal to make measuring efficiency improved by 2-3 times

l   Automatic program

CCD, probe, coordinate system, auto-focus, magnification, brightness adjustment, CAD nominal feature identification, automatic comparison measuring, feature constructing, tolerance calculation, export, all above can add into the same program simultaneously and run automatically

l   Supports Offline & Virtual measurement

      Offline: IGES of component and DXF figure file can be imported, for measuring program which based on CAD under offline condition, as well as writing data output and checking program Virtual measurement: The whole picture of work piece can match to be a complete graphic, which can show to the customer and teach green hand in offline and measuring

l   Complete compensation algorithm of machine

  • Supports 21 error compensations, including linear, straightness, angle pendulum, perpendicularity etc.
  • Supports Z-axis rotation compensation,    perpendicularity compensation (with parallel bottleneck), probe compensation (with probe) lens XY scale correction.
  • Supports OEM compensation encryption.
  • Supports multi-layer compensation and   maximize enhance machine accurate
  • The internal glass linear scale and plane & array compensation plate auto-program can assist users to get compensation data quickly that to greatly improve compensation efficiency of machine and reduce user’s personnel error & time cost.

l   Focus measure height and flatness
Focus algorithm of RationalVue can complete part focus quick and accurate within 2-3 seconds. The repeat
focus accuracy can be achieved to 0.003mm, which available for height, flatness and other tolerance measurements

l   Probe & CCD Integrated measurement

Except general feature detection, RationalVue also supports measure curve, scan curve, output TXT point set, ellipse, slot (circle & square), quick create curve pole, focus point, focus plane
  • Real CAD 3D space view
  • CAD feature automatic identification 
  • CCD combined with probe coordinate system, measured feature unifiedautomatic.
  • CCD and probe program can alternate into the same program from beginning to end.

l   Work piece image matching & Navigation

Real-time scanning for full image of work-piece (see image below) The software can scan full image of work piece that directly used for GPS navigation to quickly find position where need measuring, so as to avoid losing during measuring, meanwhile improve efficiency greatly.

l   Output of various reports, including PDF, Excel, TXT, Html, Image etc.

Labels the dimensions & tolerance: distance, angle, radius, diameter, circularity, straightness, position,       reference feature marking etc.
Form Error graphic: upper & lower definition, colored display graphic tendency, max & min display,
interval display error etc.

l   SPC statistic

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